Fresh Water Systems

No salt, no chlorine!

Imagine having a swimming pool that was nothing but pure, fresh water – no chlorine, no salt, no fumes, and virtually no maintenance.

This is now possible with the Enviroswim ES3 system. Keppel Pools was the first company in Central Queensland to start installing this fresh water system, which works by using electrodes, ionisation and ultrasonics to sanitise your pool’s water, without the need for chlorine or salt.

The ES3 system contains silver and copper electrodes, which kill algae and bacteria in the pool through the system’s unique electronic oxidisation and ultrasonic treatment. NASA even uses the same technology to recycle waste fluids in space!

The benefits

  • No need for salt or chlorine
  • Less skin and eye irritation
  • Less expensive to maintain than chlorine systems
  • Increased pump life
  • No chemical odours
  • Less electricity usage
  • Kills bacteria that chlorine doesn’t
  • Almost no chemical usage

If you’re thinking about installing a pool and were already considering paying for a self-cleaning chlorinator, the difference in cost to upgrade to a fresh water system is minor, and will be recouped within just a few years of running the pool.
If your pool is already installed, installation may cost more due to pipe work, but you’ll still be able to use the same pump. And the good news is that the pump won’t need to run as long or as hard, which just saves you money in the long run!

For more information on this system, give Keppel Pools a call on 07 4938 3343, or you can visit the Enviroswim Website for all the details.