Certified for quality and guaranteed to last

Keppel Pools supplies and installs fibreglass pools manufactured by Barrier Reef Pools, an Australian company with a stellar reputation for high-quality products and craftsmanship.

The only fibreglass pool manufacturer in the country to hold the Australian Standards 5 Tick certification, Barrier Reef Pools offer a 25-year warranty on its pools – and we at Keppel Pools also offer a 6-year warranty on all workmanship.

What does the Australian Standards 5 tick certified product mean to you, the customer:


  • There are clear and standardised procedures for each manufacturing stage of our pool shells.
  • All materials supplied are rigidly controlled to meet performance specifications, there are no exceptions. This applies to gelcoat, resins, glass, reinforcing materials, additional fixtures and fittings. All of these materials are Lloyds of London / DNV approved products for the manufacture of fibreglass swimming pools.
  • The manufacturing process is monitored at every step. From the beginning process of preparing the mould, through the full production, final detailing, inspection, storage and transport to site. The operating conditions of the manufacturing facilities including temperature and humidity are closely monitored and adjusted accordingly.
  • Once the pool is released from the mould, stringent and comprehensive testing is performed. The gelcoat finish and colour is visually inspected. The hardness of the surface is measured as well as the wall thickness at more than 25 positions around the pool, this is done by an ultrasonic testing machine and recorded. We also weigh our pools using digital electronic scales to ensure the specified amount of material has been used during production to meet the standards.
  • Every pool is embossed with our name as well as a unique 5 digit number which enables everyone to identify that pool, tracking and tracing it throughout its life. Our master files record quality tests and results. We also keep a sample cut out of every shell manufactured for future reference.

It is a simple decision….. If you want the best, then buy the best.


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