How a Keppel Pools fibreglass pool is installed


Free Site Inspection and Quote

Once you’ve contacted us for your free inspection and quote, we’ll discuss the size and shape of the pool you want, and where you want to put it.

Then we’ll talk about concreting, fencing (including the legal requirements), and once you’re clear on what you want, we’ll provide a detailed written quote by email or mail. This is all free up to this point. You’ll have 28 days to accept the quote.


Contract and Deposit

When you accept the quote, the contract is signed, the deposit is paid and a job sheet is provided (an overview/breakdown of everything you’re getting). The contract is a customised version of the standard Master Builders contract.

We offer a 7-day cooling-off period after we receive your deposit, just in case you change your mind or want to change something at the last minute.


Lodging Approvals

We’ll then draw up your official plans and start lodging the required council approvals. We use a private certifier to lodge these – this is of course included in the quoted cost.


Pool Delivery and Excavation

After your pool is delivered, we’ll arrive on-site and position the pool template in the exact spot for digging. We don’t usually dig until the pool has arrived, for safety reasons. Having a big empty hole in your backyard can be dangerous!

When you’re 100% happy with the positioning of the dig site, we’ll start excavation. The hole will be a little wider and longer than the pool itself to allow for plumbing.

In most cases, we’ll need a 3-metre opening to access your site. If this isn’t possible, we can also arrange for a smaller bobcat. The cost of digger and crane hire is based on the size of your pool, and is covered in your original quote.


Pool Shell Installation

Once we’ve checked that the hole is the perfect size and shape, we’ll drop the pool shell in and immediately start levelling and back-filling. Stabilised crusher dust and cement powder is washed around the shell of the pool, with the water serving to compact  stabilised crusher dust and cement around the shell. This will make sure the dust is properly compacted under any steps, seats or other contours.

We’ll also start filling the pool with water while back-filling, in order to keep equal pressure on both sides of the pool walls. At the same time, we’ll install the plumbing and filtration equipment, along with any spa or water feature connections as required.


Concrete Bond Beam

Once the shell is fully installed, we’ll pour a concrete bond beam around the pool. The plumbing is all connected up, and your pool is fully operational!


Paving and Borders

We’ll then install any paving, borders, fencing and other features around the pool, as per your quote.


Fencing, Cleanup and Handover

When all the coping is finished, we’ll vacuum the pool and add whatever chemicals are needed. We’ll show you how to operate and maintain the pool, and if you have requested fencing, we’ll remove the temporary safety fencing and start installing your permanent custom fencing.

Once the fencing is complete, your pool is ready for action!