The Lap Pool range has been designed to provide superb opportunities for exercising, training and at the end of your session, just relaxing. Two lengths, 8 and 12 metres let you really work out in the safest and most effective medium – crystal clear water. A very satisfied customer requested a 23 metre long lap pool and we were able to build one to meet his needs!


Careful design includes a large width entry and exit set of steps positioned in the middle of the pool and recessed away from the actual swimming path. The Lap pool is perfect for positioning in narrow areas on your site and with clever use of lighting, even water features, makes a stunning backdrop to your home and décor.


The Courtyard Pool, at 4.6 metres in length is designed for exercise swimming against powerful jets of water – like walking on a treadmill but much more effective as an exercise. Doubles as a plunge pool on hot summer days and with steps at one end and ample seating, is a perfect setting for just sitting and relaxing.


NameLength (m)Width (m)Deep End (m)Shallow End (m)
Lap Pool 12m12.203.501.301.30
Lap Pool 8m8.403.501.301.30
Lap Pool Courtyard4.603.501.301.30