7 Layers of Strength

Layer 1

Interior Surface Finish

Advanced Pool Colour Technology gelcoat with an Optional Lifetime Interior Surface Guarantee that is UV and chemical resistant using the best colour technology currently available.

Layer 3

First Structural & Additional Chemical Resistant Layer

Additional layer of the highest quality Vinyl Ester resin combined with JUSHI E6-CR glass fibre to further increase corrosion resistance and strength to the laminate.

Layer 5

Reinforcement Layer

Additional layer of high quality Polyester resin and JUSHI E6-CR glass fibre with additional structural enhanced properties added to the reinforcement structures on the pool shell. No fillers used.

Layer 7

Outer Sealer Coat

Glossy finish coat with a high quality waxed Polyester resin to protect the pool layers.

Layer 2

Anti-Corrosion Barrier

Highest quality Vinyl Ester resin layer, providing excellent bonding to Advanced Pool Colour Technology as well as superior chemical and water resistance for the highest protection.

Layer 4

Second Structural Layer

Consists of high quality Polyester resin and JUSHI E6-CR glass fibre with additional structural enhanced properties. No fillers used.

Layer 6

Outer Core Laminate

Klegecell/Divinycell sandwich core laminate is used on luxury yachts & F1 racing boats. Klegecell/Divinycell has been recognised as a world leader in high performance sandwich core strengthenening.

Vinyl Ester Resin


Is the highest quality resin available for swimming pools with excellent resistance to osmosis, heat, corrosion and water damage. Vinyl Ester resin is twice the price of alternative resin types. Barrier Reef Pools Perth uses three layers of Vinyl Ester resin in the manufacturing of our pools, ensuring a longer lasting pool with increased strength and protection.


Benefits of Vinyl Ester Resin “Making your pool last longer”:

  • Higher resistance to water penetration and damage (Osmosis)
  • Higher resistance to heat
  • Higher resistance from corrosion – Improved Strength Properties

New Generation High Performance Fibreglass



Is a High-performance environment-friendly glass fibre that replaces mainstream E glass fibre. JUSHI E6-CR is a new E-glass fibre with enhanced properties. It combines all the benefits of E-glass fibre with technical breakthroughs in strength, modulus, temperature resistance and acid corrosion resistance, thus meeting the requirements of the most demanding applications.


Compared with traditional E-glass fibre, JUSHI E6-CR offers the following unique benefits:

  • Higher tensile strength
  • Higher corrosion resistance
  • Superior mechanical properties
  • Higher temperature endurance
  • Higher softening temperature
  • Excellent environment durability