Coping, Concreting and Tiling

Unlike the vast majority of other pool installation companies, Keppel Pools performs both the installation of the pool and the tiling, paving and rendering around it.

We offer 6-year guarantees on all workmanship, and have a long track record of working with builders to coordinate each project for the best results.


What we offer

Our concreting service ranges from simple edge tiling to creating custom patios and poolside retreats, from the side of the house to the water’s edge and around it.

  • Full design consultation
  • Custom granite tiling and paving
  • Water features

If you’re building a new home, the fact that we offer both pool installation and concreting is a huge benefit – it saves you having to deal with two different companies, it speeds up completion, and it means you can be sure you’re getting what you asked for – no miscommunication and no needless back and forth.

We choose to use tiles from The Pool Tile Company Have a look at their website to see the huge range available and also get some inspiration in planning your new outdoor area.

See our work

Here’s just a small sample of what’s possible with Keppel Pools!