A huge range of lighting options to bring your pool to life

At Keppel Pools we offer a range of pool lighting, from the basic and functional to the extravagant.

When you build your new pool with us, you’ll be able to choose what types of lights you want, how many you want to put in, and even whether they change colour.

Lighting comes as standard with all our pools, so when you’re picking what kind of lights to install, you can rest assured that you won’t have to pay extra later on.

Here are a few things to consider when choosing your lights:

Choosing your pool lights may seem less important than the shape and size of the pool itself; however taking a little time to select the best lights can make your pool so much more than just a place to take a dip.

  • Size and shape of the pool
  • Colour of the pool
  • Energy efficiency
  • Brightness
  • Colour choices, or colour changing


New Wi-Fi controlled LED Pool Lights

Changing the colour, mood or brightness of the lighting in your pool is just a touch away with new Wi-Fi controlled LED Pool lights. No more flicking On and Off switches to select the colour. Working in conjunction with a dedicated smartphone app, these LED lights offer a huge number of colour options, and can even be set to fade between colours, creating some incredible in-between hues.

You are now not limited to only 6 or 8 colours – you can change to an almost unlimited colour range by just running your finger around the colour wheel.

  • No transformers, no switches or switch wires
  • Fits 60-65mm hole
  • Wireless colour touch technology
  • RF control
  • Wi-Fi control app available
  • Even glow – no shadow
  • Regulated 12 volt DC power supply for longer life
  • Approved to IEC/AS/NZ standards

We choose to use lights from Spa Electrics the leading manufacturer of premium underwater LED lights for new & existing pools and spas. With offices in Melbourne, Australia and Georgia, USA, their award winning products are designed and manufactured in Australia and sold worldwide.



Here’s just a small sample of what’s possible with Keppel Pools!