Safety and style to go with your new pool!

Keppel Pools is unique in that we not only install pools but also the fencing to go around it. And that’s not all – our fencing is 100% customisable to your personal tastes.

From simple powder-coated metal to luxurious glass panels, Keppel Pools provides a wide range of fencing to suit your property, and to adhere to current pool safety legislation.

While we’re building your new pool, we’ll erect temporary safety fencing to keep your family out of harm’s way. Once the pool’s in the ground, we’ll remove the temporary fencing and install your brand-new custom fence. When it’s finished, your pool will be 100% ready for use and compliant with Queensland laws.


Customised to your specifications

With Keppel Pools’ fencing options, you’re limited only by your imagination. No matter what size or shape your pool is, we’ll work with you to design and construct a custom solution.

You can choose everything, from the location of the gate to the materials and colours used – and the best part is that all of this is included in your quote from the very beginning.


Our range includes:

  • Frameless Glass
  • Semi-frameless glass
  • Powder Coating
  • Aluminium pool fencing


Safety regulations

Keppel Pools abides by all relevant laws and regulations. For more information on the Queensland Government’s pool safety laws, please take a moment to read through their Pool Safety Information.


See our work

Here’s just a small sample of what’s possible with Keppel Pools!